Globalfaces Direct Canvasser Feature — Part 1

Category: Team

The impact Globalfaces Direct delivers is built on teams of like-minded individuals unified to make a difference through the charities we represent. What better way to understand this impact, than to hear from these individuals themselves.

This post will be the first in a two-part series, featuring Globalfaces canvassers, answering a series of questions about their journey with Globalfaces, what they love about their job, their favourite campaigns and what the future holds.


How did you get started with Globalfaces Direct? Walk us through the journey of coming on board, up to today.

Cameron: What an incredible journey it’s been! Coming from 12 years of carpentry to professional fundraising was a complete 180 career change. I learned how to communicate professionally and effectively with a wide variety of personalities which has improved my life in a major way.

Kaci: After university, I stumbled upon a job posting that said something about working with charities. I had already been offered a job in my field of study, but working with charities was something I had always thought about, so I decided to go for it and never looked back!

Sara: After completing my degree in Microbiology, I started working as a fundraiser to help pay off student debt. Shortly after starting, I quickly recognized the opportunity for advancement and the overall future growth potential of GFD.

What is your favourite thing about working for Globalfaces Direct?

Andrew: My Favourite thing about working at GFD would have to be the people. Everywhere I go regardless of the city or country it becomes very clear to me our company attracts very high caliber talent. From BC to Ontario, executives at HQ or our counterparts in the USA. This company has a reputation for recruiting top level, extremely motivated, talented individuals many of which I’ve had the opportunity to work with, learn from, develop, and inspire.

Cameron: My favorite part about working for GFD is the growth potential. Showing others the growth of our company has always been a part of the job that I love.

What excites you about the work you do? Why is Face-to-Face Canvassing effective?

Kaci: The thing that excites me about the work I do is knowing that everything we are doing is to help some of the world’s most vulnerable people and ultimately give others a better chance at life. Face-to-face canvassing is so effective because it gives us a chance to actually connect with our donors and have meaningful conversations about whatever it is we are representing.

Sara: Being able to represent organizations in the non for profit sector is very fulfilling. Knowing the work we do directly benefits causes that rely on fundraising only increases motivation to acquire support. My perspective broadens every time we work with a new client and being able to inspire others to feel the same is a unique experience. I believe sparking that passion in others can only be achieved by building connections through face-to-face.

Andrew: What excites me most about the work we do is in itself the opportunity to work with our amazing clients. It’s certainly not everyday or every career in which you can say you represent household names like we are able to. Many people would jump at the opportunity to work on behalf of the most influential non-for-profit clients in the world just once. The reality for us is that we get to work with them on a daily basis. F2F is so effective for one simple reason, it’s the experience a donor gets when one of our fundraisers builds a connection between the charity, the donor and the fundraiser. There is no definition or terminology I can use to describe this in as much detail as I would like too, but bottom line people donate to people and the power of positivity is something so meaningful it’s bigger than all of us.

Stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll find out about some of our canvasser’s favourite campaigns and hear about their plans for the year ahead!