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As experts in face-to-face fundraising tactics and analysis, our data and analytics team can work with your campaigns and data to recommend opportunities for improved performance.

Advice That Acquires

Not every non-profit begins their Globalfaces journey with a full-fledged partnership. Where others have existing campaigns, we are hired to help analyze and optimize.

Through an in-depth understanding of direct acquisition, our teams provide campaign support and strategic guidance on campaign tactics, messaging, and data. Looking for new ways to reach your donor? We have the in-house tools to take your existing analytics and provide a clear profile of who and how to expand your impact.


Years in Face-To-Face Fundraising


Charity Partners Renew Campaign Agreements


Face-To-Face Campaigns Optimized

Scaling-up Face-To-Face Solutions

Sometimes a small scope of work can lead to big opportunities.

In 2013, we set-up a small test campaign for one of the largest global charities in child welfare. This was not only an audition for ourselves, but an opportunity for our prospective non-profit partner to see what opportunities lay ahead using face-to-face fundraising. Throughout the quarter we engaged with potential donors that spanned multiple regions and proved that face-to-face is a successful method of acquiring recurring donors.

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An integrated approach that includes face-to-face fundraising improves your ability to acquire and retain monthly sustainers. Request a free consultation to discuss how we can help.

    Your Campaign Aid

    Globalfaces is here to help. We have the techniques to analyze performance metrics and the knowledge to advise on improved fundraising methods.

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      Fundraising Consultation

      We can help you develop your fundraising tactics further. Through the same integrated principles we offer our campaign partners, Globalfaces can consult your charity on ways to improve your direct acquisition. From small tweaks in fundraiser scripting and appearance to a more integrated use of new methods and mediums, our teams can advise on the solutions that help you achieve your campaign goals.

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      Campaign Set-up

      The most impactful face-to-face programs are the ones optimized for performance and efficiency. And, although door knocking is often not associated with sophisticated technologies, we are well-versed in fully-automated campaign techniques. Where charities need improved workflows and secure data capturing methods, we’re here to help.

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      Data Analysis

      Analytics from existing and legacy campaigns can be an effective resource for improving future results. Our teams have the ability to input and assess your third-party data for the purpose of donor profiling and segmentation. With this information, you’ll be able to make informed decisions on how to better approach, acquire, and retain sustainers.