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We are advocates for your charity, providing face-to-face fundraising programs that build connections to your mission, and that have generated results for more than 60+ charity partners across the United States and Canada.

Trending In The Right Direction

Face-to-face fundraising has been the leading source of direct sustainer acquisition since 2012, producing a 30% increase in multi-year recurring donors.

Our passionate face-to-face fundraisers are trained to become experts on your mission. Each campaign is supported by real-time analytics to deliver on your key performance indicators, while we help raise money for your cause. That’s the power of a one-to-one conversation.


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Face-To-Face Works

Our canvassers will become your ambassadors of acquisition, aiming to build a genuine connection with your target community. Since 2012, we’ve pioneered improvements in F2F that have created new methods of direct donor acquisition.

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    Door-To-Door Canvassing

    Going door-to-door creates a lasting impact for your organization and your brand, while raising money for your cause. We have the capacity to acquire more than 115,000 sustainers per year. Our team of passionate canvassers, equipped with your organization’s brand, will go door-to-door year-round talking to homeowners about your cause. The result? For every 100 doors we knock on, we sign up one monthly donor and generate two additional leads for our contact center.

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    Street Canvassing

    Street canvassing thrives on friendly, positive interactions. In our approach, we identify high-traffic locations that serve as a hub for your brand and draw interest through the use of pop-up kiosk that showcase your brand. Our street canvassing teams are located in major cities across the United States and Canada and have the ability to connect with several hundred donors per day.

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    Business-To-Business Canvassing

    Business-to-business donor acquisition allows your organization to tap into the corporate philanthropy of your target area. Our approach is adapted from what makes door-to-door successful, reaching socially responsible business owners and stakeholders to enhance your donor base. Our team of canvassers speak to business owners and sign them up for monthly giving. As part of the program, business owners can showcase a window display to promote the sponsorship.

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    Retail And Event Canvassing

    Similar to the concept of street canvassing, retail and event canvassing are focused around an event or location. Retail canvassing can take the shape of a branded booth within a high-traffic area of the retail space. For event canvassing, we can target private and public events, including festivals to acquire pop-culture forward audiences, sporting events to acquire family-oriented audiences, or conventions to acquire actively-engaged audiences.

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An integrated approach that includes face-to-face fundraising improves your ability to acquire and retain monthly sustainers. Request a free consultation to discuss how we can help.

    Informed By Insight

    We take a disciplined approach. Informed by Insight—our proprietary fundraising software—we are able to collect real-time, geo-locational data from every interaction.

    The demographic and behavioral information we collect integrates with your CRM to identify who has signed up and for what. And for those potential donors that are interested, but not yet ready to commit, with Insight we can track donors to follow up at a later date that’s more convenient so you don’t lose sight of them, improving your reach.

    Canvassing Across The US & Canada

    We have more than 75* markets across North America that enable our fundraising teams to serve most major urban areas. The extent of our outreach amounts to 75,000+ potential donor interactions weekly through the hard work and dedication of more than 800 face-to-face ambassadors.

    *Map representative of the cities where we fundraise.