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Plan International Canada is a member of a global organization dedicated to advancing children’s rights and equality for girls. Plan International has been building powerful partnerships for children for over 80 years and is now active in more than 75 countries. Since becoming Plan International Canada's fundraising partner in 2014, our door-to-door and business-to-business campaigns have generated year-over-year growth in monthly donor acquisition.

Plan International Canada

Plan International Canada



The global charity had fundraising goals that required a face-to-face partner that had the resources to accommodate large national campaigns.


Plan International Canada required canvassing data that informed campaign improvements. They desired a partner that would help optimize efforts along the way.


To achieve fundraising goals, Plan International Canada wanted to focus on increasing their acquisition of monthly recurring donors. They required a partner that could also accommodate for business-to-business fundraising.

02 Challenges

In March of 2020, the effects of a global pandemic paused face-to-face fundraising campaigns. Like many of our fundraising partners, we needed to find a way to resume our efforts, while keeping everyone safe and abiding by regional protocols. For Plan International Canada, we quickly adapted our process to implement safety procedures that included PPE and social distancing.


As a resourceful and scalable fundraising partner, we’ve been able deliver consistent, data-rich results that have contributed to Plan International Canada’s social mission.

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    Door-To-Door Fundraising

    Our door-to-door fundraising program is designed to reach people in communities across Canada. Our canvassing teams have scaled to align with Plan International Canada’s regional and national campaign goals. We’ve advocated for children’s rights and equality for girls in communities across the country to generate increased donor acquisition and meaningful connection to cause.

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    Lead Conversion

    Our canvassers help people see the impact and benefits of our work around the world. It’s also the first step in building a lasting relationship with people in Canada who care about our cause. In the event that door-to-door conversations don’t convert, we utilize outbound direct acquisition through our call center when assessing our lead scores.

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    Data Reporting

    Data reporting has been instrumental in the success of our nearly 10 year partnership with Plan International Canada. We’ve leveraged real-time canvassing insight to enhance our community appeal and donor acquisition. During this time, we’ve been optimizing our own data capabilities, piloting new B2B and D2D reporting features and views for Plan International Canada campaigns.


Through our extensive fundraising efforts, we’ve acquired more long-term monthly donors than originally forecasted. Today, Plan International Canada is able to make informed campaign decisions that make efficient use of time and budget, while Globalfaces makes a more impactful impression on their social mission.

Globalfaces has been a trusted and valued business partner since 2013. They consistently deliver on results, enthusiastically bring forward innovative new business solutions and have embraced testing numerous Plan International Canada’s new initiatives. Globalfaces is nimble and quick to respond as the market shifts. This was never more evident than in 2020 when the global pandemic struck. They quickly implemented new COVID-19 safety protocols which ensured the campaign was able to successfully continue during some very uncertain times.
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{Director, Acquisition
Plan International Canada


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