Diabetes Canada

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Diabetes Canada is working to improve the quality of life of people living with diabetes by sharing knowledge and creating connections for individuals and the health-care professionals who care for them; advocating through public policy; and funding research to improve treatments and find a cure to end diabetes.

Diabetes Canada

Diabetes Canada



With a goal of growing the monthly file.


Increase the pipeline for higher giving.


Achieving and increasing the revenue goals year over year.

02 Challenges

COVID was a huge challenge for Diabetes Canada (and people with diabetes were disproportionately impacted). The annual program is strong and optimized so other channels and methods of giving are the focus.


As a fully-integrated fundraising partner, we assessed which combination of services and solutions would aid in follow-up.

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    Face-to-Face Fundraising

    “F2F is a reliable source for monthly. Kicking off late in the calendar and carrying into the New Year has been a great way to start the year (our fiscal) and to set us up for top up gifts later in the year. We get many compliments about the kindness and courtesy of the staff in the field.”

    — Amparo Jardine, Executive Director, Donor Response Marketing — Diabetes Canada


Globalfaces’ work facilitates 83% of Diabetes Canada’s annual direct-to-monthly acquisition strategy. Since the start of our work together in 2017, we have consistently received compliments from the public and from their donor base regarding Globalfaces fundraisers and as a representative of the Diabetes Canada brand.

I gave a (small) donation and I gave it because a very lovely guy who works for you came to our door. We tried to do it using the tablet you provided him with but our connection here in Prospect, Nova Scotia, can be quite sketchy. After giving it his all, Caleb Lane told me how to make the donation on my own tablet which I did later.
John A.

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