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Toronto Humane Society is a leader in animal welfare, working for a compassionate society where all animals are respected and valued. They strive to improve the lives of animals every day. With a team of industry leading experts and a passionate community network, Toronto Humane Society pursues this mission by reducing animal homelessness, ensuring access to care, and fighting to preserve the human-animal bond.

Toronto Humane Society

Toronto Humane Society



Increase recurring gift stream to improve revenue predictability.


Re-engage donors whose engagement has begun to lapse.


Deepen engagement with one-time gift donors.


Strengthen giving relationship with current monthly donors.

02 Challenges

We identified a need to secure and deepen engagement with previously untapped donors. As a small team of fundraisers, we were limited in our means of making personal asks to such a large pool of past supporters.


Toronto Humane Society partnered with Globalfaces for a holistic approach to increasing and strengthening our monthly donor file through Telefundraising.

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    Donors that have not donated within the last 12 months as result of a number of reasons that can be often hard to identify and reactivate. Telefundraising helps this vital touch-point to compassionately conduct discovery to uncover trends and opportunities for reconnection and renewal with cause.

    We often see donors that have let their payment method expire, whether it’s been 60 days or 6 months. Our team of agents have incredible success in reaching out to your donors and getting their updated payment method and re-engaged in your mission.


A very successful lapsed campaign saw Globalfaces re-engaging 12.5% of Toronto Humane Society donors; and converting over 3% from one-time gifts to monthlies. This speaks our outbound team’s ability to carry the Toronto Humane Society brand effectively and efficiently. We had a great deal of success in upgrading the gifts of our strongest monthly supporters, at an average increase of 35%. Toronto Humane Society’s closest donors are the true heroes behind the work being done and this additional revenue will be instrumental in improving the lives of animals across Toronto and beyond.


Donor Re-engagement Rate of Lapsed Donors


Gift Conversion Rate from One-Time to Monthly


Gift Upgrade Rate from Monthly Donors

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