Virtual Fundraising

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Taking cues from an increase in digital conversion, our Virtual Fundraiser platform seamlessly integrates with our contact center to enable one-to-one conversations with a representative through video chat.

Made With Modern Technologies

We are proud to have enhanced a proven method of fundraising to offer face-to-face engagement, virtually.

Using API technology—the first of its kind—our fundraising partners can now integrate video or text chat directly within their digital channels. Our virtual fundraising platform is HIPAA compliant and features cloud recording and a customizable UI. Decrease bounce rates and support your integrated fundraising campaigns today, with Virtual Fundraiser.


In-House Virtual Representatives

Enhancing Your Online Engagement

Virtual Fundraiser is a high-definition video chat tool that can be fully-customized to reinforce your brand. Our fundraising partners use virtual fundraising to digitally support campaign initiatives.

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    Door Campaign Support

    Door Campaign SupporNot every door knock presents an opportunity for conversation and connection. For the instances where residents aren’t home, branded leave-behind materials can inform your audience of your social mission. Virtual Fundraiser makes follow-up even more efficient. Rather than a return visit, prospective donors can scan a QR code to chat directly with a fundraising representative, virtually.

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    Digital Campaign Conversion

    Digital campaigns are multi-faceted, spanning varying forms of paid and earned media strategies. Where API-integration is available, so too is our Virtual Fundraiser. Apply click-to-chat functionality on your website to reduce bounce rates or on your campaign landing pages to enhance engagement.

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    Text-to-give allows anyone to give to your foundation by sending a text message with a dollar amount. This tactic is most commonly used on qualified audiences or existing donors as payment can be automatically made using the method on file. It’s an efficient way to collect gifts in the moment, acting as the ideal tool to support your next fundraising campaign.

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An integrated approach that includes face-to-face fundraising improves your ability to acquire and retain monthly sustainers. Request a free consultation to discuss how we can help.

    Tried And Tested

    The challenge of a global pandemic triggered an age of adaptation and an opportunity to challenge conventional communication.

    For Globalfaces, we needed to try and test new forms of one-to-one fundraising methods in order to support our charity partners. Taking inspiration from an increase in digital conversion tools and platforms, our Virtual Fundraiser was the culmination of the tireless effort from an entire team dedicated to improving the donor journey during uncertain times.