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Acknowledging the demand marketers have for detailed, real-time information, our campaign reporting capabilities use real-time data to make informed fundraising decisions.

Make More Informed Donor Decisions

Six years ago, we piloted the development of a data management tool that would aim at providing greater transparency on the motives and actions of donors.

We called it Insight. And, today it is one of the leading engines in our fundraising efforts. Integrating with leading payment processors and CRMs, Insight seamlessly connects information acquired from a canvasser and delivers it to a client’s database. Information gained on donor demographics, acquisition rates, and budget utilization drives our campaign performance to new heights.


Million Doors Knocked Since 2012


Million Brand Conversations Since 2012


Unique Leads Through An Integrated Approach

Boosting Your Social Bonds

We offer our Insight donor analytics platform as an included tool to all of our non-profit partners.

We do this because we believe in the power of information. And, in the case of our child advocacy fundraising partner, utilization of campaign data can optimize efficiencies and drive growth by nearly 300%.

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An integrated approach that includes face-to-face fundraising improves your ability to acquire and retain monthly sustainers. Request a free consultation to discuss how we can help.

    Proof Through Performance

    As a data-forward direct acquisition partner, our aim is to prove our impact on the growth of your fundraising goals.

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      Donor Demographics

      Insight takes the guesswork out of face-to-face fundraising. During a campaign, your fundraising team collects information from every interaction, crystalizing your donor profile. We utilize these insights to enable better decisions on team and territory selection, messaging, recruiting, and training.

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      Acquisition Rates

      We seamlessly connect the donor’s information directly to your database. We populate real-time information and transfer to your customer relationship management (CRM) platform to secure acquisitions and ensure you have direct access to your donor data. We also populate leads that we can follow-up on for you.

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      Budget Utilization

      You’ve heard of ROI or TOC, but how about TCA? We call it Total Cost of Acquisition. And, yes, Insight does that. Know where your spending is at every moment during your campaign, and empower informed decisions that won’t stress your overall budget.