Heart & Stroke Foundation

Case Study


Complex, time consuming and groundbreaking research requires a steady stream of funding. Our client, the Heart & Stroke Foundation, is a charity that advocates, educates, and researches heart disease and stroke in Canada. They have long understood that door-to-door fundraising is one of the most effective ways to acquire monthly donors and, as a result of our canvassing efforts, they have been able to increase awareness and gain donor support that aid breakthroughs in heart and stroke research in Canada.

Heart & Stroke Foundation

Heart & Stroke Foundation



With our residential campaign ending, we needed to find a way to make use of the leads from those who did not complete a transaction.


We had achieved an engagement rate of 40% during our campaign. This represented all of those who heard our campaign pitch.


The client’s digital campaigns hadn’t achieved anticipated conversions year-to-date and required additional donor support.

02 Challenges

This was an untapped group of potential monthly donors and we had no prior metrics to gauge performance. The nature of contacting these people wasn’t predetermined and we were unsure of how receptive they would be to a monthly offer.


As a fully-integrated fundraising partner, we assessed which combination of services and solutions would aid in follow-up.

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    Our newly established 120 person call center offered an efficient way of following-up and qualifying face-to-face leads. And, instead of seeking recurring donors, we altered our campaign messaging to accommodate one-time donations.

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    Data Analysis

    Donor demographics and behavioural data from our door-to-door efforts helped to target and inform our pitch. We were able to screen our list to hone-in on the opportunities that were most likely to convert in order to provide our client with a cost-effective solution.


Our algorithmic dialler proved to be a very effective tool in preserving list value, connecting with 74% of leads and achieving a 79% right-party connection rate. From our list of face-to-face leads, we recorded a 8.4% conversion rate, including a mix of one-time and recurring donors. And, when assessing our results, we outperformed our target metrics to achieve an average cost to acquire that was 56% lower than anticipated.

Heart & Stroke has worked with Globalfaces since 2016, always in door-to-door. When Globalfaces approached us about working with their newly up and running Outbound Direct Acquisition team, we jumped at the opportunity. We were not disappointed in the result. Look forward to our next outbound campaign!
Jason Novelli
{Senior Manager, Intermediate & Monthly Giving
Heart & Stroke Foundation


Connection Rate Using Our Algorithmic Dialling System


Conversion Rate From F2F Campaigns Into Monthly Donors


Average Cost to Acquire, 56% Lower Than Anticipated

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