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The BC Cancer Foundation is the fundraising partner of BC Cancer, advancing world-class research and innovations to care at BC Cancer’s six cancer centres, by connecting donors to a cause that impacts one in two British Columbians. Since 2013, we’ve been BC Cancer Foundation’s face-to-face fundraising partner, strategically scaling outreach and donor acquisition in communities across British Columbia.

BC Cancer Foundation

BC Cancer Foundation



The BC-based foundation had developed a strategic three-year plan to acquire 20,000 donors. To achieve this, we consulted to diversify and devise the set-up of a strong field acquisition network.


Messaging needed to align with that of the parent agency and consider communications from national initiatives. We conducted detailed canvasser training to become true ambassadors.


Since a strategic plan was already established, we wanted to make sure that we proved the effectiveness of face-to-face fundraising, while tracking and providing performance metrics along the way.

02 Challenges

Technology has evolved over the course of our eight-year partnership and we’ve adapted along the way. When there was a need to securely capture donor information, we applied PCI compliant protocols. And, when campaigns needed improved effectiveness, we iterated on our data collection to include real-time KPI reporting.


Data reporting enabled our ability to prove face-to-face fundraising as a major contributor to overarching fundraising goals. With real-time analytics, BC Cancer Foundation is informed every step of the way.

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    Door-To-Door Fundraising

    Training canvassers and testing campaign communications has been a consistent part of our improved year-over-year direct acquisition. We’ve established a transparent relationship with key client personnel, who trust us as door-to-door ambassadors of their vision: a world free from cancer.

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    Canvassing Technologies

    The development of our own fundraising software allows canvassers to obtain and report real-time field information. Donor demographics and conversation reports empower campaign improvements to ensure that we are contributing positively to client-lead goals.


We’ve had the privilege of becoming the face-to-face fundraiser of choice for cancer research and care in British Columbia. Together, we aim to create conversations that inspire engagement and activate long-term acquisition.

I rarely have agreed to engage with door-to-door canvassers in the past. The young woman, Claire, who came to my door was incredibly professional and personable. I had been thinking of donating on a more regular basis and she convinced me to start a monthly contribution. I feel great about the interaction and grateful that she came to our door.
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BC Cancer Foundation


Increase in Recurring Donors by Year Two of Strategic Plan


Donors Achieved by Year Three of Strategic Plan


Year Fundraising Partnership (and Counting!)

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