Putting Together a Successful Campaign Launch

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Last year we blogged about getting campaign ready with a focus on tech support. As a key element of launching a fundraising campaign quickly and accurately, we recognized the need to expand in this area.  This past spring, we created a support role to ensure a smooth and easy transition for our charity partners when launching a fundraising campaign. Meet our Manager of Implementation and Onboarding, Jorell Miller!

Jorell has been at Globalfaces for four years, starting out in the call center and moving into Customer Success two years ago.  As part of the Customer Success team, Jorell is focused on securing a charity’s success before we knock on that first door or make that first phone call.  We asked Jorell to walk us through his role to showcase how quick and easy it is to integrate a face-to-face or outbound calling campaign with any of your fundraising and marketing efforts. 

Interviewer: Describe your role to people meeting you for the first time.

Jorell: As the Implementation and Onboarding Manager, I am the first point of contact with our charity partners. I hold their hand (figuratively speaking) from the first meeting on the campaign right up until the launch of all face-to-face and outbound calling campaigns. This ensures all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed.

Interviewer: What is the first step towards a successful launch?

Jorell: We start with a discovery call. At that initial call, we ask a number of questions, and from there we build out a workback schedule and share it with all parties involved. Topics cover payment processor, integration, how to set up a recurring gift, welcome emails, csv file, and first gift processing rules/dates.  That’s just for set-up, but thinking through the actual launch with my CS lens we discuss territories, gear overview (vests and pitch card), scripts, the importance of reconciliation and training. Most important is the communication aspect, ensuring that our charity partners feel we’re there to answer any questions or concerns in a timely fashion.

Interviewer: How long does the set-up of a campaign take?

Jorell: Typically 4 – 6 weeks.

Interviewer: Who is involved in the launch of a campaign, from the charity side and from Globalfaces, and what are each of their roles?

Jorell: There is typically one to two points of contact at the charity, and they would also loop in their IT person.

At Globalfaces we have our IT team involved as they work on the integration between the two organizations, and our call center to create verification scripts and set up the TFNs for verification calling. We’ll also bring in our data team to work on the reconciliation file. As we move towards launch, we bring in our field sales team who manage the canvassers and help to determine the best locations for canvassing, our office manager to organize vests and any other materials, and finally, a Customer Success Manager is assigned when we are ready to train and launch the teams.

Interviewer: Please break down a few components that take place over the course of the 4 – 6 weeks? 

Jorell: We share a workback schedule that includes a launch checklist in order to hold everyone accountable. It allows us to keep on track and keep our launch date in everyone’s line of sight, and highlights when everyone can expect things from me and vice versa. 

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the process:

  • Logo Email + Launch Documents to be sent to client
  • Logos + Launch Document to be returned to Globalfaces (GF)
  • GF to provide vest mock-ups
  • Charity to sign off on vests or provide feedback
  • GF to share scripts with Charity for sign-off/feedback
  • GF to conduct test transactions and share test summary
  • Charity to sign off on test transactions + set up recurring gift
  • GF & Charity to host and conduct training session
  • Launch 

Over the last decade that Globalfaces has been in business, we’ve launched hundreds of successful fundraising campaigns. We have our own internal checklist to ensure nothing is missed, and we’ve spent years updating, upgrading and perfecting our processes so charities have a quick and easy transition when they onboard a campaign.  We stand by Jorell’s approach that “When you work with me you are working with a friend, you are in good hands!”

About the Author: Jorell Miller, Implementation and Onboarding Manager has been at GF for a little over 4 years. Started in the call center as a phone agent, and was quickly promoted to a Team Lead managing over 12+ agents. Since taking on the role in Customer Success Jorell has successfully launched dozens of campaigns for  door-to-door. Jorell is solely responsible for the entirety of the launch process both for face-to-face and the outbound calling campaigns branding a ‘servant leadership’ approach.

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