Recapping Our Recent F2F Webinar

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Recently, our team hosted a webinar to explore the impact that COVID-19 has had on direct response fundraising. Globalfaces executives were joined by leading nonprofit professionals and industry leaders to look at how both vendors and charities have innovated in order to relaunch F2F fundraising safely and effectively.

Our partners at SickKids Foundation and Plan International Canada provided unique insights on how they have managed to revamp their F2F campaigns in light of COVID-19, while our industry partners at HJC New Media, Blakely and Anne Morrison Consulting provided a broader perspective on direct response fundraising.

The event was a major success, with more than 120 registrants spanning North America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand. Some key takeaways as well as a recording of the webinar can be found below:

Key Takeaways From our “Reconnecting” Webinar:

  • F2F is just as viable as an acquisition channel as it was pre-COVID-19, and we’ve demonstrated across the board that productivity has improved post-COVID-19.
  • More people are home and more people are craving human interaction, which makes this an excellent time to canvass as long as it is being done safely.
  • We’re making canvassing safe for our partners and potential donors with contactless interactions, COVID-19 related branding/uniforms, socially distanced conversations and call centre/digital follow ups.
  • Over 50 locations have been reopened, representing over: 3 Million doors knocked, 50,000 new leads generated, 33,000 monthly donors acquired and 2 Million Dollars in monthly donations! All with zero canvasser, staff or donor COVID-19 cases reported

Reconnecting – Moving Forward with F2F Fundraising

View the slide deck.
Read the Q&A.

For more information on how Globalfaces Direct can meet your expectations as your face-to-face fundraising partner for your upcoming charitable campaign, or to answer any questions you may have based on the information we’ve provided above, please feel free to reach out and contact us at any time.