Why Face-To-Face Fundraising Works In A World With COVID

Category: Strategies

COVID has caused the world to pivot quickly and drastically, and along with many other organizations Globalfaces’ door-to-door fundraising changed and adapted to a world dealing with COVID. GFD face-to-face fundraising teams go door-to-door and acquire sustainer donors on behalf of our charity partners. Door-to-door entails a personal aspect to fundraising that appeared difficult to maintain due to COVID-19. Pre COVID, canvassing allowed for a personalized and engaged experience that was well received. People were genuinely happy to see fundraisers and were willing to speak with them. So what changed and how has it impacted fundraising and charities?

Charities were impacted as many of them shut down face-to-face during the first few months of the pandemic and transitioned to other fundraising methods. Those that quickly started back up their door campaigns benefitted from acquiring donors at the door. There was a perception that you wouldn’t want someone knocking on your door, however with new protocols in place, this contactless experience was safer than a delivery and benefitted charities. The charities that did resume saw this in the number of gifts received and lack of concerns coming in. And GFD canvassers found they were able to brighten someone’s day, by getting them involved with organizations that would allow them to make a difference.

Implementing a contactless experience has allowed door-to-door to prevail throughout the pandemic. Reception in neighbourhoods is strong and canvassers’ average number of gifts per day, for charities, has gone up. Potential donors are always welcoming and eager to engage, and individuals are typically grateful that canvassers are still coming around and knocking on doors. People are longing for connections and are willing to open their doors and interact with our fundraisers while socially distanced. This last year, with everything going on in the world, there is an increased awareness for the work charities do and the need for support. We are all living through this together which has encouraged donors to get more involved. Potential donors are really motivated and that has allowed GFD to do an exceptional job on behalf of the charities we work with, and to pivot with ease due to COVID.

COVID has influenced people to get more involved with charities and nonprofits. The impact donors make through their contributions allows charities to continue with their work and helps with the increased strain the pandemic has put on those very people they support. Making door-to-door a part of a charity’s campaign is essential, as nothing brings in the volume of sustainer donors in the same capacity as door-to-door. Donors make a real impact and contribute to change, and as an organization supporting that change we just want to get out there and do what we can.