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I am pleased to announce that Globalfaces Direct has acquired HCB Canada and HCB Communications.

HCB is a contact centre that has been working in the not-for-profit space for over 15 years and provides a range of services to charities and not-for-profits across North America. Programs include outbound sustainer conversion, upgrade and re-activation, lapsed single gift renewal, legacy giving prospecting, stewardship programs, rolling monthly sustainer maintenance programs, inbound donor services, inbound third-party verification (TPV), voter ID/GOTV programs and phone appending/data hygiene.

HCB’s footprint is extensive with licenses across all US States and Canadian Provinces. With a 50-seat call centre located in St. Catherines, Ontario we have added increased capability to our business and can now service more of our client’s needs than ever before across a wide array of services. The expertise acquired through this acquisition allows Globalfaces to expand significantly and confidently into other areas of donor/customer acquisition and stewardship.

HCB’s integration will provide unparalleled insight into donor and customer experience, which will bolster an array of new initiatives that we are working on. Services such as fully integrated SMS campaigns, donor experience and engagement campaigns, full donor/customer stewardship opportunities are now all products that Globalfaces will expand throughout 2023.

We are extremely excited to announce that through this acquisition, Michael Blakely, former owner of HCB, is now firmly ingrained in the Globalfaces culture and is an important leader in our team. Among other things, Michael will ensure that all HCB clients continue to receive the same level of customer service and support they are accustomed to as we merge our two cultures together. We welcome HCB staff into the Globalfaces fold with greater opportunities, by expanding their roles in the new combined organization. We look forward to leveraging Michael’s expertise today and into the future.

Globalfaces offers HCB clients increased infrastructure and opportunity to grow campaigns seamlessly. Over the next several months we will be introducing new team members to HCB’s clients with the goal of more deeply understanding client needs so that we can continue to grow together.

We are tremendously excited about the acquisition of HCB and very much look forward to developing robust initiatives to serve our clients more holistically in the future.

Matthew Davison
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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