Top Tips from the Charity Experts for getting the most out of your face-to-face campaign 

Category: Strategies

Have you ever launched a face-to-face campaign and wondered how to make the most of the experience? You are not alone. We have launched hundreds of campaigns over the years and have learned a thing or two along the way. Whether you are looking to bring in 5000 monthly donors or 500, I spoke to the experts of a few different organizations to find out what keeps charities coming back!   

We have been working with Plan International Canada since 2013 and here is what they had to say:

Nancy Malheiro, Senior Manager, Acquisition, Plan International Canada

“At the heart of any great campaign you need passionate fundraisers. These individuals provide one-on-one conversations with donors that lay the foundation for a long-lasting relationship with your organization. These enthusiastic individuals need to be well trained on the details of the campaign and equipped with inspiring stories that not only demonstrate the need but also the success the program has garnered. These fundraisers are key to inspiring donors to act.

Once donors have been acquired, a well laid out donor journey needs to be in place to keep donors informed/engaged and that demonstrates appreciation for their value in creating positive change in the world.  

Campaign back-office systems are also critical to monitor results and also includes a knowledgeable donor care team to handle donor queries and adjustments to their gifts as well as monitoring complaints and addressing donor concerns.”

Well said Nancy! Great advice. Our fundraisers get personally inspired about the charities they work with and, as a result, often fundraise for the same charity for years! When they are inspired it comes through in their conversations and leaves a lasting brand impression. 

Another expert in the field of fundraising and training is Robyn Connolly who has been working at CNIB Foundation for several years.

Robyn Connolly, Senior Manager, Monthly Giving, CNIB

“Fundamental to any successful face-to-face campaign are representatives who deeply understand both the organization’s work and mission, as well as their own purpose: to acquire high quality monthly supporters who are motivated to support for the long-term. When we have canvassers that are excited and enthusiastic to share their passion for the cause, it radiates!”

We are passionate! That is true, and passion inspires. Our team of fundraisers are trained on your organization’s mission, and hold pre-shift sessions daily to review and excite the teams before they hit the doors. 

In the fundraising world there are a few non-profits that we all look up to, and SickKids Foundation definitely qualifies. That’s why we had to hear from them!

Noelle De La Mothe, Director, Direct & Digital Marketing, SickKids Foundation

“Our face-to-face canvassers are a true extension of our brand into the community. This is accomplished by ensuring canvassers are wearing branded clothing, fully trained on campaigns, and equipped with SickKids VS materials and video.”

Nowadays people are on brand overload. Door campaigns are a unique way to create a brand impression that lasts longer than 8 seconds and engages your audience. Consider this form of offline experiential marketing an extension of your marketing plan. And, did you know at Globalfaces we generate 4 million brand impressions annually! 

Get creative when your teams go door-to-door and share a few images or video clips on social media. It’s a positive community experience that you can share of your charity and we are here to help make that happen.  

So, what are you waiting for? Start your door campaign today!